Tractor Trample Guide

This quick guide is meant to provide an overview of all characters, obstacles and tramplables in Tractor Trample. If there are any game elements you’d like to know more about, leave us a comment!

Farmer Phil

Farmer PhiFarmer Phil is the main character in Tractor Trample. Angry about the new super highway the man is putting in directly through the middle of his prized farmland, he hops on his trusty bright red tractor to go give the local government a piece of his mind, trampling any who get in his way.  Luckily, Farmer Phil stashes plenty of gasoline around his farm, allowing him to make the massively long trip from his farm house to town.



cornwshadowFarmer Phil is a corn farmer. And just because he’s off to protect his land doesn’t mean he can’t make a few harvests on the way there. Collecting corn will provide in game points you can later use in the Tractor Trample store.

Consumable, tramplable


treeIt might seem strange that apple trees litter Farmer Phil’s prized farm land at first glance. But really it’s all that jerk Johnny Appleseed’s fault. The farm has been in Farmer Phil’s family for generations and these trees are hundreds of years old. Big and inconvenient though they are, Farmer Phil is a traditional man and so he keeps the apple trees around… as a reminder to a simpler time. But make sure you don’t run into one in haste.


Mr. Piggles

GIFmrpigglesDue to a tragic head injury as a child involving a herd of cattle and a riding mower, Farmer Phil is unable to remember names very well. So he just names all of his hogs “Mr. Piggles”. These adorable, chubby creatures will cross your path occasionally, feel free to let them roam and go about their happy lives. Or run ’em over for some sweet, sweet bacon.

Tramplable, consumable

Kickin’ Chicken

KicknChicknDuring the onset of the recession, Farmer Phil decided that investing in chickens was a solid, recession proof idea. While he did land a great contract with a large fast food chain dealing exclusively with this very poultry, he found their odor and general demeanor to be insufferable. So he decided to sell off all his chickens and demolish his coop. Except in all of his infinite wisdom, Farmer Phil managed to complete these tasks in the wrong order. Whoops. Now these chickens have gone rogue and years of survival of the fittest have favored the strongest chickens who now hide in hay piles just waiting for their shot at Farmer Phil. If you do encounter one of these nasty guys, you’ll be driving on edge for a bit, but don’t worry. The chickens lose steam after a little while.

Pile o’ Hay

haypileLeft around the farm to serve as fodder for the pigs, these Piles o’ Hay often contain surprising items like a small harvest of corn. Every now and then, you’ll encounter a Kickin’ Chicken. I guess you’ll have to judge whether trampling these piles is worth the risk…


fenceDiefenceTrampleAs any responsible farmer should, Farmer Phil has fences set up around his farm to keep things separated and organized. Except… Farmer Phil isn’t very organized. These single fences litter the farm and prove to be more of a hindrance than a utility… as you’ll soon find out. Watch out for the broken fences, they should trample pretty easily.

More coming soon!

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