Game Art Tutorial for the Technically Minded [Part 2]

Time to dive into part two of this game art tutorial! If you haven’t checked out the first half, you can view the post here.

Enough formalities! Here’s part two:

4. Continued… Adding a few more little details

In part two, we finish up the fourth step by adding a few more details, namely – a racing stripe, the steering wheel and an eye to bring our character to life.

Drawing in the steering wheel with two simple lines
Drawing in the steering wheel with just two basic lines

So far, we’ve made a perfectly serviceable tractor. But since it’s intended to be a big focus of the game, I want to give it a little more personality. Quick tip – if you want to bring any inanimate object to life, give it a big ole pair of eyes and a mouth, if you’re so inclined.

Eyes and a mouth can really bring some personality to any inanimate object
But sometimes, happy and derpy just doesn’t cut it.

5. Shadows!

By the end of the last step, we’ve basically finished the final look of our tractor. Step five simply adds some shadowing to the tractor to help give it some depth. We go back and take another look at the inspirational images we saved off, and define a light source.

Once we have an idea of where we want light to be shining from on our tractor (top right in our case), we can draw in some shadows on the bottom left edges of our objects individually. Watch the video for more details on how to achieve this look!

Shadow… no shadow. Shadow… no shadow! Aren’t gifs the best?

Thanks for reading! This was my first video so I apologize for any rough edges. Please let me know if you have any questions as you follow the tutorial. I’ve included a download link to a .SVG file for the tractor here. If you do end up using this workflow, I’d love to see what you draw! Leave any creations, comments or questions below, and subscribe to our channel on YouTube if you’d like to see more!

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