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Last Saturday (June 14th) I woke up, rolled across my queen size bed and reached towards my phone for my usual morning Reddit session. But rather than binge on cat photos , I decided to search up our unfinished/unpublished game, “Fishy Business,” in the Google Play store. Not sure what possessed me to do it… I just had an urge. My heart sank to my toes when the search results came back, showing a listing for our game posted by some guy named Toan Phung. (I suggest checking out “his” page of apps… who knows what other apps he’s stolen).

That audacious prick.
That audacious prick. He didn’t even use the right icon.

I should mention that we happened to stop working on Fishy Business on April 21st, due to significant increases in our schedules (at least, that’s what git tells me). Apparently this Toan Phung character had a sixth sense about our loss of commitment and straight up published a copy from our repository the day after we stopped working on it; only for me to find out a full two months later on a whim.

That’s horrifying.

Why didn’t we just publish our own game as it was? It was a full game by any means. It ran well, had a clear purpose and even an online scoreboard to keep people somewhat interested. But there was more to do! Always more to do. There’s … always more to do?

That’s just the thing. We always find something more to develop – add a little juiciness here, throw in a neat particle effect there until eventually we grow tired of our own creation. Motivation fades and dedication dies. We grow depressed because our game didn’t hold up to our self-imposed impossible standards, a state only exacerbated by hesitating to publish it for the public to see and all we’re left with is a game we’re tired of that just isn’t quite ready for the world’s critical eye.

I didn’t write this to vent any anger at this random person who ripped our work. In reality, he showed us how vain we were being with our simple little game. A weekend project turned into a six month long homework assignment due the next day, where the next day was always tomorrow.

I wrote this simply to hold myself accountable. A simple reminder for my future self to always push forward and continue to create new and awesome things to share with the world. So, thanks Toan Phung, you were the kick in the pants that I really needed.

P.S. For those interested, we did file a copy right claim to the Play Store and it was taken down about a day and a half later. I did some housekeeping on the code and finally pushed our first game to production on Saturday!


Download Fishy Business:

gPlay amazon  text3906


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