About Khela Interactive

Khela Interactive began in an apartment in Maryland, Spring of 2013. We are currently just two guys, working full time, making games we love on the side. Our first  project, Tractor Trample, is currently on hold while we work on a new, more awesome (read, simpler, more manageable) project – Fishy Business.

Khela Interactive stems from a long lasting love for playing and designing games. From inventing card games and hosting chess tournaments in middle school, to creating an RPG for a tenth grade English project and starting our high school’s first after school game studio, Khela Interactive is a project years in the making.

Check out Tractor Trample, Fishy Business and some of our blog posts! Our mission is to create fun, beautiful and open source games that anyone can learn from. We’ll be sharing our lessons on our blog and sharing our code on github.

Stay tuned for big things to come.

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